Want To Import Products From Iran?

As the best iranian sourcing company, we help you find factories, get competitive price, follow up production, ensure quality and delivery products Door to Door



Once we identify suppliers that align with our objectives, our team executes a lengthy review process of their quality management system. This requires a commitment from each supplier organization to understand and conform to these requirements.

Over these 10 years’ experience, we have established relationships with a large network of suppliers which gives our clients an exceptional variety of choice in products and services. Our proven experience in global sourcing enables us to make comprehensive market assessments and suggest the best fit, tailor-made for your particular needs and locality.

For unique projects, our database of manufacturers allows us to contact accessories factories, request a catalogue (if one is currently not on file) and begin discussing various options with our client. If a product or raw material is not available, we work with the manufacturer to alter an existing product to fit the requirements of our client.

We can incorporate a client’s own labels/names on the products (dependent on product patents). We can also accommodate changes in color, personalized packaging, etc



We offer comprehensive range on general and special services and provides cost-efficient solutions to all logistics requirements. we handle your freight through air, sea, land routes and Rail Ramp, we provide the warehousing facility within the custom bonded area and can deliver the shipment at your doorstep. Its logistics planning and implementation services secure significant saving in both time and costars planning experts will be pleased to work with you to methods that optimize efficiency while to minimizing cost. we facility has no restrains on manpower handling containers and cargo operations both for stripping and stuffing of containers, resulting in a saving of extra
overhead expenses for all our valued principle / client



With the support of years of experience and expertise in the field of market forecasting, purchase, sale and export of goods from the Energy and Commodity Exchange of Iran and in continuous cooperation with the official brokers of the Iranian Stock Exchange, as a direct agent of our clients and eliminating commercial intermediaries. We provide professional consultation and buy quality export goods of Iran and take all the necessary measures to get the goods to their warehouse anywhere in the world with cost-effective price and in the shortest time.

Daily information is visible in the "Exchange Information" section

What is our Advantage?

Before you work with us, you might have found several Iran manufacturers and suppliers on the internet. However, you still think you have not got one because you can’t know which will be the right supplier for you.

You might get frustrated because you have been communicating with suppliers in Iran for months, but fail to move forward. You need someone from Iran who knows Iranian culture and can be “your eyes and ears” to get more accurate information and help make the correct decision on who are the appropriate suppliers.


We help you

On Time

Quote on time and delivery on time. You will never lose business opportunities by sourcing from the other side of world.


On Spec

Products specific to customized designs and requirements. You will have exactly the same products you desired for.


On Budget

Save your big money in sourcing products from Iran. You will gain competitive advantage over your rival.


At IRAN EMC, we will help you find factories, get excellent rates, ensure premium quality, and deliver products safely. With the best Iran sourcing agent on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service.

How to Work with Us

Please feel free to send us inquiry including your e-mail, quantity, products and etc. We will reply you by e-mail within 2-5 working day


Send Us Your requests

Email us what you want to purchase. You Tell Us About Your Project a. Which product / products b. Estimated order quantity c. Certificating and specification requirement if there is any d. Packaging requirement e. Idea Rate for Goods f. Do you have plan to visit Iran

Quote At Your Request

We will mail you different prices with different factories. a. You might need to answer some more questions about the project b. You will know how much is our Sourcing service charge

Confirmed & Advance payment

Project will start officially after you confirm our cost and necessary information provided. 30% advance payment after confirmed order.

Goods Production, Inspection, Reports

Start production according to your requests. a.We Visit Suppliers with You as Your Interpreter b.We Review Supplier Contracts Review the terms and consition before signing any contact

Balance Payment

70% Balance payment after everything is correct. We Pay the Balance to Suppliers If supplier pass the quality check, we will arrange balance payment to them in IRR

Customs Clearance, Arrange Shipment

We Arrange Shipment from Iran to Your Country We will provide the best shipping solution for you whether you’re shipping large or small quantity. And also deal with customs in Iran

It does not matter if it is your first time importing from Iran or you have been importing for years.

IRAN EMC have the solution to make the importing process safer and easier for you

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Commonly Asked Questions

We offer one-stop sourcing service from Iran
Source products you need and send quotation
Place orders and follow up production schedule
Check quality when goods are finished
Send checking report to you for confirmation
Handle exporting procedures
Offer importing consultation
Manage assistant when you are in Iran
Other exportation business cooperation

First of all, Trust is very important. we are a stablished company with two licences

  1. Advocacy license from the Iranian bar association NO: 3120
  2. Official brokerage license of Iran customs NO: 9554594

We will help you check all of your goods, inspect goods according to your requests. We will send all of your goods reports to your email after inspection finished. We are sure we can make your happy with our best services and want to build a long term business.

It depends on the products you require.If your quantity can reach factories’ MOQ, we surely choose factories as priority.If your quantity is less than factories’ MOQ, we will negotiate with factories to accept your quantity.If factories can’t reduce, we will contact with some big wholesalers who with good price and quantity.

Our specialized products

Please feel free to send us inquiry including your e-mail, quantity, products and etcWe will reply you by e-mail within 2-5 working day  

Petroleum Products

IRAN EMC has ability to supply and provide for genuine, serious, ready, willing and capable End Buyers the following Iranian Products / Commodities: PRODUCT LIST: 1. Crude Oil 2. Diesel 3. Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) 4. Diesel Virgin Fuel Oil 5. Diesel Fuel EN 590 (10 ppm) 6. Diesel Ultra-Low sulfur (ULSD) 7. Mazut 8. Jet Fuel, Aviation Turbine Fuel 9. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) 10. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 11. Gasoline Octane 12. Bitumen/Petroleum Asphalt 13. Marine Fuel Oil

Petrochemical Products

Based on our certified Quality Management System we choose our suppliers and service providers carefully to fulfil the legal requirements at any point. We are a competent and reliable Partner to our customers, and stand beside them to trade in Petrochemical Products. The cooperative partnership and long-time loyalty of our customers proofs our work and at the same time is an incentive to continue to develop and+

Chemical Products

IRAN EMC Chemical Group is an Iranian supplier, and distributor of chemicals and raw materials. We provide supply solutions for a variety of chemical products with diverse applications and uses, servicing a wide range of industries. our team has the expertise and the track record needed to provide exceptional and reliable chemical supply solutions for its customers and partners.

Mineral and Metal Products

We are a world-leading supplier of Mineral and Metal Products. Efficient warehousing and logistics systems guarantee rapid availability of our materials. We offer a wide range of services and products from a single source. We have a proven track record of supporting customers in the mining and metals industry in all types of projects.

Stone and Constructional Materials

Choose a Stone and Constructional Materials supplier, like us, who can give expert advice on the right type of material for your project, and recommend a finish to suit your brief, budget and style aspirations. Our product is ethically sourced from local sources, and we’re proud to be the world’s exclusive supplier, after establishing an excellent reputation for supplying commercial clients including housebuilding developments, business headquarters, monuments, hotels as well as many conservation & restoration projects

Food and Agricultural Products

IRAN EMC provides a wide range of Food & Beverage commodities dealing straight with Going direct to the producer is the best way to be fair, know where your food comes from and ensure you get the ingredients you want at the best price. With our extensive network of vetted producers from IRAN and abroad you get all the benefits of going direct without the hassle of switching suppliers and receiving multiple deliveries. local producers worldwide which guarantees the highest quality products and best prices.

How will we accelerate your business growth


Iran Sourcing Agent

Our proven sourcing process ensures a quality product at the best price, delivery on time, and reducing the risk of importing from Iran


Iran Inspection Agent

Our nationwide on-site/off-site inspection with quality control engineers and auditors cover all major cities and industrial locations in Iran


Iran Shipping Agent

Our freight shipping tips, tools, and guides drive better global logistics for import from Iran: Air express, Ocean freight, Train freight, DDP...



Our extra services can help you solve any other concerns: Photography, Product research, Certificate application, Master learning courses...