For each purchase, the purchase order form must be completed by the buyer. In this form, the buyer specifies the exact specifications of the product he needs, along with the name of the manufacturer of the product, the maximum purchase price and…

• Sending the necessary documents to the register of the buyer company
• A copy of the original documents of the company constitution with Iranian embassy confirmation.
• A copy of the original, from first and last official newspaper displaying company changes.
• A copy of the original, from registration documents including registration certificate, trade license, national ID, passport copy of MD and economic code.
• Two recent years financial statements approved by the regulators or audit organization.


* If you had any, you should introduce as representor in Iran in your letterhead with sign & stamp.

Please consider all documents should be translated into ENGLISH by official translation bureau and only scanned documents (which are renamed according to needed docs) are valid.


Prepaid deposit

If it is possible to supply the goods, the buyer will be notified and it is necessary for the buyer to deposit at least 30% of the approximate value of the ordered goods as an advance payment for the purchase of goods to our company account.

buying goods

We negotiate with the manufacturers according to the buyer's request and buy the goods while protecting the buyer's interests.

Send purchase notifications

After purchasing the goods, the purchase notice is prepared by our company and sent to the buyer. This announcement includes purchase details and prices along with brokerage fees and legal fees.

Deposit the rest

The buyer must deposit the remaining total amount of the purchased goods to the accounts listed in the purchase announcement within a maximum of 2 working days.

Final settlement

After depositing the rest of the goods by the buyer, we settle the account with the manufacturer and complete the settlement documents and deliver them to the buyer. Receive remittances The manufacturer issues the sales remittance and through us, the buyer is informed of the issuance of the remittance.

Transportation of goods

At this stage, we will carry out loading and carrying operations on your behalf by having a fleet of sea, land and rail transport. Customs operations.

In the end, our company, as the official customs broker of Iran, performs all customs affairs and export licenses with years of experience and effective communication, and examines and monitors everything until the goods reach the buyer’s warehouse.