All our efforts are to prepare and send you the best goods according to the specifications sent by you at the lowest price.
One of the best specialized and exclusive services that we offer you is the purchase of goods and energy with the EXW price of Iranian producers directly and by removing commercial intermediaries from the Iranian mercantile and Energy Exchange. You will email us your request including the type of goods, product specifications, quantity of goods and place of delivery to buy products for us. We will send you the export offers which includes all the information and we are waiting for your decision.



Direct purchase of basic goods, especially petroleum products and petrochemicals from the Iranian mercantile and Energy Exchange on your behalf with full transparency and honesty and without hidden costs. We arrange that you do not need to be present in Iran, but at the same time you can buy directly from the Iranian Stock Exchange.


Buy petrochemical and petroleum products and goods that are sold freely and over-the-counter in your name and account from petrochemicals and refineries in Iran. purchase steps : . Complete the purchase request form For each purchase, the purchase order form must be completed by the buyer. In this form, ...